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Grand Parade Cannon

January 24, 2012

It is possible to walk up and down a street everyday and not notice something genuinely odd. For instance the Grand Parade in Cork is one of the busier streets. On any given day I am sure hundreds if not thousands of people must walk along it. But how many people stop to notice the somewhat unexpected feature of a cannon stuck into the ground on Grand Parade at the corner of Tuckey Street.


Local Historian Michael O'Leary pointing to the cannon's ignition vent

No records survive of why the cannon was placed there or exactly when. It possibly originates from the early 1800s. There are a number of theories as to why the cannon was placed there. In the days when the streets were narrower it may have served as a bollard against cart wheels. Much of the outer coating of the exposed sides of the cannon had been worn away, perhaps from ship hawsers on the cannon if ships were using it as a mooring post. Although the Grand Parade had once been a water channel it wasn’t a major quay like Patricks Street was before it was filled in. So another theory could be that the cannon was located on one of these quays at somepoint. Or someone might have simply thought it would make a nice piece of street furniture. All three theories could have been true.

The cannon was excavated during refurbishment of Grand Parade and was wedged firmly into the ground. So it was decided to leave it as it was and simply incorporate it into the refurbished street.

Most of the details on the cannon can be found here:

Although I haven’t written much here in some time and work projects have kept me occupied I have been gathering plenty of interesting images and coming up with ideas for future posts. More to come soon hopefully.

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